Since I had my massive blood clot I have had to go to the clinic weekly to get my blood checked to see if it was thin enough but not too thin. When you take blood thinners there is this fine line between the two. You want your blood thin, but if it gets too thin then there is a problem. So I am sitting there yesterday for my weekly check and I meet another woman and I tell her my story. She is amazed that a woman so young would have so many health challenges and I am a walking miracle. I find out she was diagnosed with breast cancer on New Year’s Eve. So we are sharing our story and another woman says to me I didn’t mean to eavesdrop (its a small waiting area), but your story is amazing. I can’t believe you have gone through all of that in such a short period and I too have a saddle pulmonary embolism but I didn’t almost die from mine. I laughed and said yeah it’s not so nice when  you have not 1, not 2 but 3 doctors and countless nurses look you dead in the face and remind you that you should be dead and/or tell you that you should be dead right now. So she joined in the conversation until they called her back for her check.

I was really blessed that this go round my INR was good and they are going to try to let me go 2 weeks between checks and see how that goes. So I got my checkout slip and Mom and I went out for lunch. Then we went to do some shopping and I ran into a man who had been at the clinic. It’s kind of funny, but the world isn’t as big as we all want to believe it is. So Mom and I did some shopping I rode around in those electric carts and she got her steps in. I know when this is all said and done and Mom and I aren’t going for weekly trips to the doctor I’m going to miss these weekly outings.

My Mom and I are a lot alike which is good and bad. Good because I can’t imagine a better person to be like. My Mom is kind, generous, optimistic and a leader. This becomes a problem because when there is conflict between us we react in the same way. I think a lot of parents and adult children find this to be true that once the child hits adulthood the dynamic of the relationship changes. I have been so blessed with the amount of help my Mom has given us since I can’t drive. She has taken me to so many appointments, she actually doesn’t work 1 day a week and that is to take me to doctor’s appointments and I try hard to schedule appointments to that day when possible.

Both of my parents have been so supportive since I have gotten sick, my Dad came to visit me in the hospital after he got off from work in the evenings. He is always just a phone call away during the day. I try not to call him at work unless I need to, but I know that he’s there for me. I also know that my wife’s parents are the same way. They came to visit me in the hospital, wifey’s Mom has taken me to doctor’s appointments as well. Her father is disabled and cannot drive, but he babysits me! There have been several times when I’ve gone over to their house after appointments and he and I have hung out and we laugh about him babysitting me until wifey is off work and then she drives us home. We are really blessed that both sides of the family are really supportive. Plus my sister in law and brother in law have taken me to appointments too. So when I say I’m too blessed to be stressed I mean it!

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