I may not be normal…

So I went to the spinal specialist yesterday. Last week I had xrays of my back taken to see how it was healing and then I had a CT taken of my c-spine (neck) because both of my arms and hands are going numb not constantly, just periodically. So on Monday I got a call from his office asking if I could come in 15 minutes earlier, and I said sure but I also had a sneaking suspicion that meant he needed more time to talk to me. So….

Good news:

My back is FINALLY healing! He reported there is good bone growth. He was pleased with the xrays this go round which was EXCELLENT news I’ve been waiting over a year to hear this news so very happy with this part of the report. Seriously he says this to me my response back to him is “Hallelujah Praise Jesus!” He grinned because he knows its been a long road when it comes to my back.

Bad news:

We found out why my hands and arms are going numb, my C5 and C6 are bone on bone. There is no disc anymore between them. YIKES! So I asked him how long this has been like this and he said at least a year. So how I’ve gone this long and not realized how bad it was, it beyond me, but of course the last 2 and a bit years I’ve been dealing with really bad back pain so my body was focused on that. So I need another spinal surgery this year. Which at this point I want to laugh which I know is inappropriate response, but I really was hoping 2016 would be my year of no surgeries! The issue right now is that I’m still on the blood thinners, but we’re hoping I am going to come off the blood thinners in April, so since the C5 and C6 are already bone on bone he and I both agreed we can wait to see if I come off the blood thinners in April before scheduling the surgery. If I don’t come off the blood thinners in April then we have two ways he can do the surgery with me still on blood thinners its just a little trickier. We also will are going to take post op precautions for blood clots now that I have a history and all. So we have a plan for this I just was surprised when he said the neck was bone on bone. I guess when I do something I commit…..


My knee sprain doesn’t seem to want to heal this go round which is worrisome. Normally with bracing it the swelling would be totally gone by this point, but it is not and the knee is still really unstable with the swelling. So I am waiting to see what the orthopedic thinks about that. At this point I just take everything in stride because ultimately God is in control. I know all is well. I know that everything is going to work out. I try to look at the humor, I try to look at the positives of every situation because my life is better looking at the positives rather than focused on the negatives. I had a friend tell me once “Where your mind goes the energy will follow and where the energy goes the mind will follow.” I have to say that I much rather focus that energy in the positive and laugh and have fun than be in the negative!

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