Cancer sucks!

So we knew that my cousin was not doing well and was losing his battle with cancer. This cousin had colon cancer. We lost my other cousin to pancreatic cancer back in the beginning of January. Of course coming from a big extended family I have a lot of cousins and my cousins are sometimes the same age as my Mom which my friends out here don’t always get because my extended family lives out west. I remember when my cousin Gerry came out for my high school graduation and everyone thought he was my uncle and I’m like no that’s my cousin. Everyone is like but he looks the same age as your Mom! Yeah well they went to high school together! What people fail to realize is that his Mom is the oldest in the family and my Mom is one of the youngest so there is a 21 year age spread. Well when there is that many years between my Mom and his Mom she was married and having children when Grandma was still having children. So I love family reunions but even I get confused sometimes because cousins have children who are my age. Gerry for example has a son who is one week older than I am. So sometimes it’s just hard to keep up.

But back to cancer just plain sucking. The other part of having a big extended family is lots of people means more chances for illness. Two cousins with two different types of cancer, and unfortunately they both lost their battles with cancer close together. Doesn’t make cancer suck any less however. Cancer is one of those illnesses that I think if you talk to anyone they know someone who has battled the illness. So far I’ve had a Great Aunt who had breast cancer, a Grandfather who had lung cancer, a cousin who had pancreatic cancer, a cousin who had colon cancer and an Uncle with skin cancer. I might be forgetting someone and if I am I apologize in advance my memory is not as good as it used to be. My point being that that’s quite a bit of cancer and I didn’t even go that far back.

I didn’t mention the friends that I have had that have battled skin and breast cancers. I didn’t mention the friend that is battling pancreatic cancer. I really do think that most people know someone who is battling or has battled some form of cancer. I think what everyone can agree on is that cancer sucks! It’s not fair to the person or the families and friends. I really admired my cousin Diane who used her last few years to just enjoy life. Doctors told her she didn’t have long to live so she went around said her goodbyes and then lived I think almost 3 more years.

I have seen people win and I have seen people lose their battles. I think right now I have seen more people lose than win, but I still hold out hope that one day we will find a cure so that we will beat cancer and everyone can win.


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