Guess what? Showers still SUCK!

So with my hair falling out I hate showers even more. I have even tried brushing my hair before taking a shower hoping the amount of hair falling out during the shower would be less, but I really don’t think that helps any. I think that is doing absolutely nothing but making me stand in front of the mirror and watch my hair fall out before I take a shower and see hand fulls of hair as I wash it come out. I see the doctor tomorrow about all this and who knows what the outcome will be besides blood work which I know he’ll order because that is usually the starting point when you have something going on but not sure what it might be.

I’m sure they will check my thyroid because thyroid issues run in the family. My sister before her death dealt with Hashimoto’s which is a type of autoimmune disease where the thyroid attacks the body. In the past they have thought I had thyroid issues because of different symptoms but my blood work has always come back normal. This morning while I was thinking about my week and everything going on I wasn’t paying attention to the acrobatics or the nerve pain in my leg distracted me or all of the above and I go shampoo in my eye which I HATE. So now I have one red eye and one normal eye which just adds to the list of jokes I could make right now about how I would fail my cirque du soleil audition.

I’ve been waking up with increased nerve pain in my left leg which has not been fun at all. I think there should be a limit to how much nerve pain I have to deal with and I should be at my lifetime limit. I think there should be a bank of nerve pain and when you reach a certain amount then you are just done. Like okay Jenn is done and never has to deal with nerve pain in left leg but still has deposits to make in right arm, left arm and right butt cheek (yes I went there got to keep the humor somehow!) Wouldn’t that be nice? The nerve pain annoys me because somehow I can’t ignore it as easily as other pains. Like my c5 and c6 are bone on bone so my neck hurts frequently, I’ve been getting headaches because of this, that pain I usually can block out. There is nerve pain in my leg and I can’t block it out. I think part of it is that nerve pain tends to be sharp shooting pains where headaches and muscle aches are more dull so your brain can shut them out easier.

I saw on FB yesterday a man asked his wife to draw a picture of everything that was going on in her brain at the given moment so she did, he had no idea what he was in store for. I laughed and asked my wife if she dared ask me to do the same thing, she said NO!! She knows that there are a million thoughts running around my head at any given time and she knows better than to ask whats going on because any time that she has asked for a glimpse into my world she has gotten more than she bargained for in the first half a second. I did find it really interesting. I wonder what people would draw if they stopped and drew what they were thinking about in the moment. What do you think about would your spouse be on the page? Would your kids? Job? Financial difficulties? Religion/faith? Dreams/Aspirations? Plans for tomorrow/week? Would there be 1 thing or 1,000? Do you focus on a few things or many? I can tell you right now I would have a lot of things on my page. I always have lots of thoughts in my head at any one time. It’s also no secret that I always have a lot running around in my head.

Which reminds me I guess I need to start thinking about what the plans for this week are…..


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