The proof is in the pudding..err shirt.

So I was reading the weekly e-mail for the spiritual community I belong to and I came across the announcement for the open mic night happening on Saturday. There was a picture of me and I think it was when I read a poem I wrote, but I could have been singing, I did both at said open mic nights. The thing is I haven’t been to an open mic night in a long time! So long in fact that the shirt that I am wearing in said picture I had to donate because it was too big for me now and I swim in it! So I see this picture of myself and I think WOW that’s an old picture I don’t even fit in that shirt anymore, but I love that shirt, I miss that shirt!!

It was one of the hardest shirts to give up which was funny because up until that shirt I had given away a lot of of my clothes without batting an eye. I had put piece after piece in bags to donate to charity or give away to people I knew who could wear them and had no real attachment to the item until I got to this particular shirt. It was like I had to give up my child and you were only going to pry it out of my dead hands! I kept trying to figure out why this shirt, why did I have such an attachment to this one particular shirt. The shirt had been bought for me by my Mom as a birthday present but my Mom has bought me lots of clothes over the years as different gifts, she had actually bought me a couple different pieces of clothes for that same birthday and I had given the other items away, but that blue shirt I couldn’t seem to give away. I did finally put it in a bag for a friend. I figured if I had loved it so much I should give it to a friend verses a bag for charity where it would just go to some stranger. A friend I knew would take care of my shirt!

I need to go through my clothes again to get rid of anything that is too big, as I continue to lose weight I try to weed out the clothes that are too big on me, I don’t mind wearing clothes that are a little baggy on me, but some items are too baggy and I’ve been working really hard to lose the weight. I don’t want to hide behind clothes that are too baggy. I know that losing weight is really important with the upcoming surgery, with the newly diagnosed thyroid condition, and with my knees. I know that if I can get down to a healthier weight it will just be better for me overall. I mean I’ve lost 90lbs and I feel so much better already! I am really excited at working towards losing those last 10lbs to get to 100lbs lost. I am going to have to do something nice for myself when I hit 100lbs lost. So if you have any ideas comment for me.

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