Windy City

So apparently there is a squall which is just a fancy word for LOTS OF LOUD WIND!!! I woke up this morning to branches and gumballs hitting the roof and window. I would blame my internal clock but this time it was Mother Nature that wanted me up at 7am. I’m so glad that Mother Nature and my Internal Clock were in cahoots! I got up and made my coffee and actually spent some time watching the wind blow the trees outside the window it was actually quite beautiful since I was inside and not outside being hit by the flying objects. Every so often there would be a quiet lull in the squall and I would sip my coffee and everything was at peace and Creme would decide to rub against my leg and MEOW just at that moment, like really cat?? Do you not understand everything else is at peace? Actually I think she does! I think she did it because she knew everything was at peace and it was her one chance to distract me from my liquid cup of gold.

I really do enjoy drinking my cup of coffee in the morning. There is something about holding that warm cup in your hands and sipping it softly that is magical. Since I get up before the wifey those are my quiet moments before I’m making her breakfast and packing her lunch. Those moments before the hustle of her day get going and then things slow down for the rest of my day. This week Mom had left me a couple of oranges so I had cut up and put a piece of orange in her tea infuser and she learned she really enjoys orange infused with her tea. So I told her we’ll have to buy more oranges so we can make that happen more often for her. For Christmas Mom and Dad bought her a glass tea cup with a built in-infuser which is really cool. The cup opens on both ends which I have gotten used to making sure that the bottom is closed tightly before pouring boiling water in the cup. But I think it’s pretty awesome you can infuses your tea. Wifey prefers the glass tea cups and over the summer the ones she had been using broke which was very sad, so she was very happy to get a new one for Christmas.

Which brings us to how could I ever marry a tea drinker?? I know I know, but she couldn’t be perfect? I mean there had to be one tiny fault with her and I can live with that she is a tea drinker, we can’t all be coffee drinkers! She’s perfect for me in every other way so that makes up for it!

They are saying we might get more snow, I have to say I’m kind of over the whole snow thing, we got a nice snowfall now let’s move on to spring! I’m good with that! I want warmer weather, my knees have been hurting a lot more and I think its probably due to the colder temperatures. So squalls, flying gumballs, cold temperatures and snow you can go. BYE!!!

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