Check the box

So the orthopedic asked me to fill out paperwork prior to my appointment which is fine, normally these days. Nurse making your appointment asks if you have internet access and a printer and you respond yes she gives you the website where you can print the forms otherwise you will need to arrive to your appointment 30 minutes early to fill out the forms in office. So back in what now feels like the dark ages I checked mostly the no boxes. Do you have high blood pressure? No, do you have a history of blood clots? No Do you have a history of DVT? No Do you have a history of thyroid issues? No, etc Well all the sudden all those GLORIOUS NO boxes are becoming YES boxes which means I get a LOT MORE  questions when I met with the doctor. When did you have a blood clot? How long where you hospitalized? Which leg was your DVT in? Are you still on blood thinners? How long do they believe you will be on blood thinners? What is your INR? When was it last checked? etc I like easy. I like only getting a few questions. I like when my medical history was 1 surgery instead of 4, I like not having to explain neurological complications from anesthesia. I like not having to remember my last INR and the date it was checked. I like simple, I like easy I like binary!

When I was younger I took an early interest in computers now remember this was the late 80s and early 90s and computers were a lot less prevalent than they are now. I remember I first learned binary for a Brownie badge and I only had to learn it up to I think 10, but I was so fascinated by it, that I learned it to 100 and I learned to add with it, subtract, the whole nine yards. Soon I was asking my Dad how to write programs on our Amiga computer which he showed me and then he being a computer programmer would check the code before actually letting it run. (Very smart man!) He would help me take the computer apart when he updated the memory card or the modem card. I remember the time together and the lessons I learned.

So I like simple I like keeping things simple my body however has seemed to have forgotten this in the last couple of years and wants to make my medical history more complex. So I check the appropriate boxes and I try to keep things as simple as I can. I have seen more than one nurse or doctor’s head explode when I go through the medical history. Most usually look at me thinking you are awfully young to have this much stuff happen in such a short amount of time. I just smile sweetly and bat my eyes and think join the roller coaster it’s fun I promise….BUT NO REFUNDS!

Life is good. I figure as long as I am laughing more than I am crying than I am winning and so far so good!

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