1-3 inches…I think NOT!!

So we all knew there was going to be some snow falling followed by sleet followed by freezing rain followed by rain. Okay so what the meteorologists predicted was 1-3 inches of snow after 1am and then sleet turning into freezing rain before turning into all rain. Okay well after getting 18+ inches last month no one really worried about 1-3 inches…what a wonderful little surprise we had this morning when we woke up to 5 inches this morning and it was still falling so now it is 9am and we have around 9 inches on the ground and it is still falling…. NOT what anyone was expecting including the meteorologists who are now scrambling to try and fix their predictions for the rest of the day. Oh and by the way in case anyone is wondering the snow started at about 10:30pm last night not 1am…


So thankfully I have no where to be but inside today my medical appointments are later in the week so I am going to just enjoy being inside sipping on my hot coffee and enjoying the beautiful white blanket of snow. Probably snap a few pictures of it and watching Hulu or Netflix because isn’t that what you are supposed to do on a beautiful snowy day? Curl up with your favorite blanket, turn on a movie and drink a hot beverage of your choice? I mean I sure as heck am not going outside!! I am pretty sure I’m not allowed outside without adult supervision…

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