Maybe I need a little duck tape…

You know they say if it moves and it shouldn’t you need some duck tape, if it doesn’t move and should use some WD-40. Well apparently I need a little duck tape for my knee cap! So I saw the orthopedic for my knee and my MCL is healing so that was good, he said keep the brace on my knee to help it continue to heal, but the knee cap is way too loose. So off to PT I GO!! YAY!!! So I called the PT office and I go on Friday, the issue is going to be that my heart rate jumps so.

But it’s all good we’ll take what we got and keep on moving forward. I am going to smile and tell my tale and my physical therapist is going to shake his head and tell me what to do for the knee. Give me some home exercises and hopefully get this knee cap to behave before Tanya Harding finds me…I mean before I need surgery. I am not a newcomer to the world of knee surgery but as I said to the orthopedic if we can try physical therapy and not have another surgery this year, I would prefer it!

I mean I much prefer NOT having surgery, I know some might be shocked at this news *coJERKE.R.DOCTORugh* but if we can use non-surgical means its for the best. Speaking of jerk E.R. doctor from January I got a response from the hospital who apologized for my experience. The e-mail said that they have concluded the investigation and will be working to improve doctor/patient communications. Which that really is all I wanted, I wanted the jerk to be told that I did not approve of the way he spoke to me and he held accountable. So I’m happy with the outcome.

So in the meanwhile I’ll be in the garage picking out a nice purple tye dye duck tape for my knee and waiting to see my physical therapist on Friday. I’ll also be practicing my best and cutest so I didn’t die in October right after you saw me smile for him as well. Sounds like a plan right?


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