Artist by any other name

So today I was in a discussion talking about what is art. I was in a group and one of the members decided she was going to sign a canvas and sell it for $100 and just let people decide what it was. So we started talking about what we like and dislike about art, favorite art styles, artists, etc. There are several artists in the group, I am married to one so I threw in my two cents. I also studied Spanish art as part of my Modern Language degree so I feel like I have some background on the subject plus I just really like art.

It’s no secret that I really like Spanish Artist. I especially love Frida Khalo, Fransico Goya and Pablo Picasso to name a few. To be able to take a Spanish Art class in Spanish when I lived in Spain was pretty darn amazing and terrifying all at the same time! I wish I could remember more about when I lived in Spain. Due to all the neurological issues I am having certain memories are harder for me to remember than others and my time in Spain is one that I have a hard time retrieving. I can remember bits and pieces of my time there, but remembering more than that is fuzzy.

Everyone has an opinion on what makes art art. If you ask someone they usually can give you an opinion, and it doesn’t take long to realize that there are LOTS of opinions on what is good art. There are lots of opinions on what is bad art. There are lots of opinions on what classifies someone as an artist. Which is why it was interesting to listen to what everyone was saying about what is art.

I like to draw for myself. I like to do graphic art as well. I enjoy doodling and finger paint and who knows maybe you’ll even see my work someday in a famous gallery.


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