About that duck tape…

So a couple of days ago I joked about maybe I just need a little duck tape…..


So maybe it isn’t duck tape, it is kinesiology therapeutic tape (so please don’t try using duck tape!!) that works with your muscles to massage the muscle groups to promote blood flow and improve the healing. There is a proper way of applying the tape, so my physical therapist applied the tape to my knee to pull my kneecap back into place. He is hoping that by pulling it back to were it is supposed to sit and then helping the muscles strengthen the next couple of weeks in physical therapy we can avoid knee surgery. Which I am hoping too! I did have to laugh after I wrote about needed a little duck tape and then being taped back together! Oh the irony!


I also saw my pain management group we decided to keep the course of treatment there and she told me the pain cream pharmacy and them had cut ties. Then I get home and I have a letter from the pharmacy saying they have closed. I laughed and go oh there must be more to THAT story!! She did tell me when I need a refill to let her know and she will write it through the knew pharmacy they are using which is fine, I’m not using it how I was because of the spinal cord stimulator.

So the leg spasms seem to be coming back…BOOO!!!! Which I told my wife it’s about the right timing for them to be coming back. UNFORTUNATELY. Last time I had back surgery they went away for about 6 months and I thought they were gone and then they came back. I’m at 5 months post op from the back surgery and I’m starting to get the leg spasms again, which I’m not real happy about their return. I was really hoping since the bone was FINALLY growing they would be gone for GOOD this time. Of course it was pretty funny last night we were all curled up I was just about asleep and my leg spasmed, jerked my whole body and scared the bejeezus out of me and the wifey. I decided maybe it was time to go to sleep before I accidentally headbutted her and gave her a concussion or something….Could you imagine that ER visit how did you get a concussion? Well my wife’s leg spasmed and her head jerked and hit my head and it went into our solid wood headboard…. yeah not so cute! Of course I’m sure they have heard weirder…or maybe not…..

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