Click, click

So when I walk I can hear that click, click clicking noise and I know that now the tape is gone that my kneecap is off again. Today I have the brace on and walking gingerly, we’re headed to our spiritual community this morning. I’ll be glad to see everyone but I know I look a little fragile with the brace and the cane, but don’t worry I am STRONG! I am a WARRIOR! I am living life one day at a time, and working on getting better. We’ll get this knee to behave and then we can work on the back again and keep moving up the body! Soon everything will be in alignment again!

I was complaining about my head/neck and to the physical therapist, and he reminded me of an exercise using a towel to open the shoulders up. So my headache that I have been having is much better now. So I was grateful that he reminded me of said exercise. I was talking with another patient (who was older than me), and he told me I was too young to be having this many medical issues. I understand the sentiment, but unfortunately I am not too young because if I was, I wouldn’t be having these issues.

I have had an interesting journey that is for sure, and I continue on my journey and I make sure to write my comedy material because you can’t make this stuff up. Life is stranger than fiction. I mean some of the stuff that happens I couldn’t make up even if I tried. But I will keep moving forward because I have an awesome team and awesome family and you know what I should be dead and I am alive and THAT means a LOT. I have a LOT more living to do and I plan to do all the living I can. The clicking in my knee just means its a little harder to sneak up on people.


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