Little more duck tape for the road

Water main breaks, duck tape, apple cider vinegar and green rice about sums up my day. How about you? How would you sum up your day? I found out that if you want to get blood out of sheets apple cider vinegar works wonders! I put the sheets in the washer with apple cider vinegar (the white vinegar was in the garage and I wasn’t going hunting for it), and then set it to cold and did a rinse cycle, all the blood came out! YAY ME!

We had bamboo rice for dinner (green rice) with cream of mushroom soup and tuna. It looked gross, but tasted great so that was good. Sometimes my dinner ideas work, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I think I could be on Master Chef sometimes I think OH NO!!! Tonight was good, but if you looked at it you would think what are they eating??!!

Water main break caused all sorts of nightmare fun leaving physical therapy today. Busy traffic patterns and 3 lanes trying to merge into 1 lane was NOT fun! Thankfully people were not being too mean…Physical therapy was good. I did some stem, then I had a massage that wasn’t too painful, my knee was really swollen so massage hurts a bit. At one point I jumped in the chair and all I could picture was those cartoons where the character jumps and hits the ceiling, that’s what I felt like. It’s all good! I have a really high pain tolerance and that is a blessing and a curse for sure! After I got my lovely massage and the fluid that was had built up around my knee was released to go away, I was taped up again so my kneecap can realize it needs to be in its proper home not where it is currently chilling out.

So it was a good day, I had good wins, I’m still taped together life is good! See duck tape does keep the world together! I love life so much right now. There is so much going for me and even with all the medical stuff going on I am good. I am happy I am healthy and I am whole.

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