True Love When one of you is sick


I usually wake up before wifey, so I usually make breakfast, but this meme always makes me laugh. My Mom has a saying that what you love the most about your partner is also what drives you the craziest! Which I think is probably very true! There are certain things that I love about wifey that drive me crazy at the same time. I know my very child-like behaviors aka flying the butterfly last night she loves, the joy of me giggling and laughing she loves, the fact it flew into her head and I laughed..well not so much! The fact that I have a very short attention span not so much!

When you marry someone you say that you are going to stay married in sickness and in health. It’s a common wedding vow. Lots of couples say it, but when it’s tested sometimes its one of the harder ones to stick through. The in health part is easy, but the in sickness YIKES! The medical bills, the hospital bills, the medications, the treatments, the debt, the hours of pain and suffering, it gets to be a lot for any couple, and sometimes the strain is too much. I do not take for granted that my medical issues puts stress on the wifey both financially, but also emotionally. She does not like to see me in pain. She does not like to see me hurting, she definitely did not like spending those days with me in the ICU. So when I am acting like the four and half year old laughing and flying a butterfly around the living room NOT in pain, not suffering for those few minutes, I think for her it’s worth it. She said the butterfly didn’t hurt.

Being a couple, being partners is about give and take, and when one has a chronic illness its hard. We try really hard to make sure that we love and support each other in lots of different ways. I do what I can around the house to pitch in so she has less to worry about here at home, but she knows that I can’t do everything. I do have physical limitations on what I can handle. We try really hard to make each other laugh, make each other smile and also remember the emotional needs/health. One of the things that chronic illness has taught me is that No is a complete sentence. I don’t have to explain myself to anybody. I have the right to say no. I used to feel like I needed to explain. I don’t anymore. I can say no. Just no.

So today my challenge is find something that makes you happy. Even if its a $1.00 toy to play with. Color for a bit, tell a knock-knock joke, just something to make yourself smile, bonus points if you make someone else smile today!

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