My heart beats for you..and a hot shower….

So ever since that deadly blood clot..well the doctors said it was deadly, I say it was just a pain in the butt blood clot personally! My heart rate has been a hair  high. So tachycardia is when your heart rate gets to be above 100 beats per minute and this morning after my shower I wasn’t feeling good so I checked it and I was going at 140. Yeah… just a little on the tachycardic side of life. My oxygen levels at that point were 97% so that wasn’t too bad. I have been noticing an increased amount of fatigue and so I have been spot checking my heart rate and my oxygen levels and what I am noticing is that my heart rate will be just over 100 beats per minute, but the oxygen levels will be at 88% which is not healthy. So of course from being in the hospital with that almost deadly blood clot I stop whatever I am doing, take some slow deep breaths to bring my oxygen levels back up to an acceptable range. What I’m wondering however is how often my oxygen levels are dropping down to unhealthy levels without me really realizing it.

I know that sitting down my heart rate has been in the normal range, but pretty much as soon as I get up, I am tachycardic at this point, but not as bad as I was when everything first happened. I used to always be in the 130-140 range, now it seems I’m only in that range when I am really active. Which of course should be interesting at physical therapy this week, because they are going to try rehab exercises with extreme caution of course. If the heart rate won’t cooperate then we will go back to the drawing board and do more of just the stem and manual manipulation/massage.

April will be here soon and I am actually looking forward to having the echocardigram done so we can see what is up with my heart! I want to hopefully get answers, and get some more direction on how to proceed from here. Of course there is always risk that with the test there will be more questions than answers, but I am willing to take that risk at this point. I know there is something rotten in Denmark, I’m just not sure what!

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