Binge watching

So I have become somewhat of a pro at binge watching on Netflix. Of course a lot of this happened after surgery when I was pretty much told to rest, so I would sit and watch episode after episode otherwise I would get up and do too much. Now I don’t just watch because I’m too ADD for that, but I do sit and let it auto play….So this weekend “Fuller House” came out and I can proudly say I’ve watched the entire first season! WOOT!

I thought it was cute, I had my reservations about it. I think most people did. There are a lot of re-makes and re-boots and we are all sitting here going do we really need this? I liked that they remembered a lot of the original catch phrases like “how rude!” They made a jab at Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in one episode they bought a dress and said well with as much as that dress cost, no wonder they can afford not to act anymore. It was amazing to see the twins all grown up. At first I didn’t realize I was seeing the twins! I liked the couple of times they split screened the current scene with one from the original “Full House.” So I did like it, I don’t know if they are going to do a season two. They definitely left enough there to have a season two if they get enough people to like it. I am waiting for the next installment of “Grace and Frankie” personally and “Orange is the New Black.” I have really been waiting for “Grace and Frankie” I have watched season 1 I think a total of 3 times now.

I think slowing down has been good for me, of course I still have my moments, but I am trying to take deeper slower breaths and just chill. I know that life is unpredictable and exciting and you never know what might happen. Take a moment to enjoy the small stuff. The nice weather, a beautiful flower arrangement, even a delicious bite of food, it doesn’t have to be some big grandiose moment for you to be grateful, sometimes the smallest moment is the one that is the most meaningful. I think that was what I enjoyed the most about observing Lent was taking the time to stop. You are observant of the 40 days before Easter to remember how Jesus died for us. You stop and think of his sacrifice. You slow down and stop. The seasons are beginning to change, take time to just stop and be grateful, meditate, pray just stop and be in the moment for a change. You might realize what a difference it makes in your day.

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