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If you are sore and you know it clap your hands!

So we went to our spiritual community today for the annual meeting which was AWESOME to see everyone. We got lots of hugs and talked to lots of our friends. We saw the minister who said there is something missing when you aren’t around and I said yeah the peanut gallery! haha

The lesson today was on trust. Do we fully trust God? What a loaded question right? I mean sure we all trust God to a point, but do we trust God 100%, 100% of the time? I think we all want to, but we also want to do things OUR way. We try to trust God, but we want to hang on to a bit, we don’t want to let go 100%, if we just hold on to this LITTLE bit, it will be okay right??

We went over this year’s budget which is always so much fun…I say that VERY sarcastically. I believe we have awesome things going on, but when money starts getting discussed people start getting nuts, however this year people were very civil, I have been in many other budget meetings that were not as civil as today’s budget discussion was. I really do see us growing and I know we are prosperous. I know we will exceeded our wildest expectations for this year when everyone stops letting fear get in the way.

I know that I have some growing to do this year as far as prosperity goes and trust goes. I know that all is well. I know that God has big plans for me. I have had some painful growth here recently but I have gained some awesome wisdom too, I guess that’s the real reason it’s all called growing pains! Next week we are at the Catholic Church to celebrate 350 years of that church, but I am hoping now that I am feeling better and we are starting to get some normalcy back in our life..(well what we consider normalcy…) we can get back to being with our spiritual community more often.

Click, click

So when I walk I can hear that click, click clicking noise and I know that now the tape is gone that my kneecap is off again. Today I have the brace on and walking gingerly, we’re headed to our spiritual community this morning. I’ll be glad to see everyone but I know I look a little fragile with the brace and the cane, but don’t worry I am STRONG! I am a WARRIOR! I am living life one day at a time, and working on getting better. We’ll get this knee to behave and then we can work on the back again and keep moving up the body! Soon everything will be in alignment again!

I was complaining about my head/neck and to the physical therapist, and he reminded me of an exercise using a towel to open the shoulders up. So my headache that I have been having is much better now. So I was grateful that he reminded me of said exercise. I was talking with another patient (who was older than me), and he told me I was too young to be having this many medical issues. I understand the sentiment, but unfortunately I am not too young because if I was, I wouldn’t be having these issues.

I have had an interesting journey that is for sure, and I continue on my journey and I make sure to write my comedy material because you can’t make this stuff up. Life is stranger than fiction. I mean some of the stuff that happens I couldn’t make up even if I tried. But I will keep moving forward because I have an awesome team and awesome family and you know what I should be dead and I am alive and THAT means a LOT. I have a LOT more living to do and I plan to do all the living I can. The clicking in my knee just means its a little harder to sneak up on people.

About that duck tape…

So a couple of days ago I joked about maybe I just need a little duck tape…..


So maybe it isn’t duck tape, it is kinesiology therapeutic tape (so please don’t try using duck tape!!) that works with your muscles to massage the muscle groups to promote blood flow and improve the healing. There is a proper way of applying the tape, so my physical therapist applied the tape to my knee to pull my kneecap back into place. He is hoping that by pulling it back to were it is supposed to sit and then helping the muscles strengthen the next couple of weeks in physical therapy we can avoid knee surgery. Which I am hoping too! I did have to laugh after I wrote about needed a little duck tape and then being taped back together! Oh the irony!


I also saw my pain management group we decided to keep the course of treatment there and she told me the pain cream pharmacy and them had cut ties. Then I get home and I have a letter from the pharmacy saying they have closed. I laughed and go oh there must be more to THAT story!! She did tell me when I need a refill to let her know and she will write it through the knew pharmacy they are using which is fine, I’m not using it how I was because of the spinal cord stimulator.

So the leg spasms seem to be coming back…BOOO!!!! Which I told my wife it’s about the right timing for them to be coming back. UNFORTUNATELY. Last time I had back surgery they went away for about 6 months and I thought they were gone and then they came back. I’m at 5 months post op from the back surgery and I’m starting to get the leg spasms again, which I’m not real happy about their return. I was really hoping since the bone was FINALLY growing they would be gone for GOOD this time. Of course it was pretty funny last night we were all curled up I was just about asleep and my leg spasmed, jerked my whole body and scared the bejeezus out of me and the wifey. I decided maybe it was time to go to sleep before I accidentally headbutted her and gave her a concussion or something….Could you imagine that ER visit how did you get a concussion? Well my wife’s leg spasmed and her head jerked and hit my head and it went into our solid wood headboard…. yeah not so cute! Of course I’m sure they have heard weirder…or maybe not…..

Artist by any other name

So today I was in a discussion talking about what is art. I was in a group and one of the members decided she was going to sign a canvas and sell it for $100 and just let people decide what it was. So we started talking about what we like and dislike about art, favorite art styles, artists, etc. There are several artists in the group, I am married to one so I threw in my two cents. I also studied Spanish art as part of my Modern Language degree so I feel like I have some background on the subject plus I just really like art.

It’s no secret that I really like Spanish Artist. I especially love Frida Khalo, Fransico Goya and Pablo Picasso to name a few. To be able to take a Spanish Art class in Spanish when I lived in Spain was pretty darn amazing and terrifying all at the same time! I wish I could remember more about when I lived in Spain. Due to all the neurological issues I am having certain memories are harder for me to remember than others and my time in Spain is one that I have a hard time retrieving. I can remember bits and pieces of my time there, but remembering more than that is fuzzy.

Everyone has an opinion on what makes art art. If you ask someone they usually can give you an opinion, and it doesn’t take long to realize that there are LOTS of opinions on what is good art. There are lots of opinions on what is bad art. There are lots of opinions on what classifies someone as an artist. Which is why it was interesting to listen to what everyone was saying about what is art.

I like to draw for myself. I like to do graphic art as well. I enjoy doodling and finger paint and who knows maybe you’ll even see my work someday in a famous gallery.

Maybe I need a little duck tape…

You know they say if it moves and it shouldn’t you need some duck tape, if it doesn’t move and should use some WD-40. Well apparently I need a little duck tape for my knee cap! So I saw the orthopedic for my knee and my MCL is healing so that was good, he said keep the brace on my knee to help it continue to heal, but the knee cap is way too loose. So off to PT I GO!! YAY!!! So I called the PT office and I go on Friday, the issue is going to be that my heart rate jumps so.

But it’s all good we’ll take what we got and keep on moving forward. I am going to smile and tell my tale and my physical therapist is going to shake his head and tell me what to do for the knee. Give me some home exercises and hopefully get this knee cap to behave before Tanya Harding finds me…I mean before I need surgery. I am not a newcomer to the world of knee surgery but as I said to the orthopedic if we can try physical therapy and not have another surgery this year, I would prefer it!

I mean I much prefer NOT having surgery, I know some might be shocked at this news *coJERKE.R.DOCTORugh* but if we can use non-surgical means its for the best. Speaking of jerk E.R. doctor from January I got a response from the hospital who apologized for my experience. The e-mail said that they have concluded the investigation and will be working to improve doctor/patient communications. Which that really is all I wanted, I wanted the jerk to be told that I did not approve of the way he spoke to me and he held accountable. So I’m happy with the outcome.

So in the meanwhile I’ll be in the garage picking out a nice purple tye dye duck tape for my knee and waiting to see my physical therapist on Friday. I’ll also be practicing my best and cutest so I didn’t die in October right after you saw me smile for him as well. Sounds like a plan right?

1-3 inches…I think NOT!!

So we all knew there was going to be some snow falling followed by sleet followed by freezing rain followed by rain. Okay so what the meteorologists predicted was 1-3 inches of snow after 1am and then sleet turning into freezing rain before turning into all rain. Okay well after getting 18+ inches last month no one really worried about 1-3 inches…what a wonderful little surprise we had this morning when we woke up to 5 inches this morning and it was still falling so now it is 9am and we have around 9 inches on the ground and it is still falling…. NOT what anyone was expecting including the meteorologists who are now scrambling to try and fix their predictions for the rest of the day. Oh and by the way in case anyone is wondering the snow started at about 10:30pm last night not 1am…


So thankfully I have no where to be but inside today my medical appointments are later in the week so I am going to just enjoy being inside sipping on my hot coffee and enjoying the beautiful white blanket of snow. Probably snap a few pictures of it and watching Hulu or Netflix because isn’t that what you are supposed to do on a beautiful snowy day? Curl up with your favorite blanket, turn on a movie and drink a hot beverage of your choice? I mean I sure as heck am not going outside!! I am pretty sure I’m not allowed outside without adult supervision…

Check the box

So the orthopedic asked me to fill out paperwork prior to my appointment which is fine, normally these days. Nurse making your appointment asks if you have internet access and a printer and you respond yes she gives you the website where you can print the forms otherwise you will need to arrive to your appointment 30 minutes early to fill out the forms in office. So back in what now feels like the dark ages I checked mostly the no boxes. Do you have high blood pressure? No, do you have a history of blood clots? No Do you have a history of DVT? No Do you have a history of thyroid issues? No, etc Well all the sudden all those GLORIOUS NO boxes are becoming YES boxes which means I get a LOT MORE  questions when I met with the doctor. When did you have a blood clot? How long where you hospitalized? Which leg was your DVT in? Are you still on blood thinners? How long do they believe you will be on blood thinners? What is your INR? When was it last checked? etc I like easy. I like only getting a few questions. I like when my medical history was 1 surgery instead of 4, I like not having to explain neurological complications from anesthesia. I like not having to remember my last INR and the date it was checked. I like simple, I like easy I like binary!

When I was younger I took an early interest in computers now remember this was the late 80s and early 90s and computers were a lot less prevalent than they are now. I remember I first learned binary for a Brownie badge and I only had to learn it up to I think 10, but I was so fascinated by it, that I learned it to 100 and I learned to add with it, subtract, the whole nine yards. Soon I was asking my Dad how to write programs on our Amiga computer which he showed me and then he being a computer programmer would check the code before actually letting it run. (Very smart man!) He would help me take the computer apart when he updated the memory card or the modem card. I remember the time together and the lessons I learned.

So I like simple I like keeping things simple my body however has seemed to have forgotten this in the last couple of years and wants to make my medical history more complex. So I check the appropriate boxes and I try to keep things as simple as I can. I have seen more than one nurse or doctor’s head explode when I go through the medical history. Most usually look at me thinking you are awfully young to have this much stuff happen in such a short amount of time. I just smile sweetly and bat my eyes and think join the roller coaster it’s fun I promise….BUT NO REFUNDS!

Life is good. I figure as long as I am laughing more than I am crying than I am winning and so far so good!