Normally I am not one for sour candy. Last Easter Mom bought a bag of these and I got to try them and I LOVED them…I think I loved them a bit TOO much. So when I saw them THIS year, we bought a bag.


I ate the WHOLE bag right before bedtime. In that little bag there are 7 servings….each serving has 25 grams of sugar….I have the mentality of a 4 and half year old…. so 175 grams of sugar with the mentality of a 4 and half year old right before bed equals….


I laughed, I giggled, I snorted, I laughed because I snorted, I was crying from laughing, I thought I was the funniest person in the entire room….my wife who was trying to sleep did not find my uncontrolled laughter so funny. So she’s pleading with me to stop laughing and go to bed, I’m trying to stop laughing, but the more I try to stop the more I laugh. The more I laugh the funnier things start to become. All I can think is good thing I haven’t had caffeine! Caffeine would not be a good addition to this mix right now! I was laughing and laughing and she just wanted me to STOP. I finally did stop and we went to sleep, but needless to say she said no more bunny gummies and I made puppy eyes to plead my case, but of course that made me laugh which then confirmed her NO MORE!!

Oh well there is always next year…maybe she will have forgotten about me eating the whole bag in one sitting and laughing uncontrollably….maybe…..

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