6 months!

So it’s been 6 months since I started writing this and I have been enjoying the ride! I hope everyone else has too. This has definitely been an interesting ride. 6 months ago I started this thinking that I was going to be focused on life with a spinal cord stimulator which I do talk about a bit, but then one month in I got a saddle pulmonary embolism and almost died. So life has become focused on keeping my INR in range, watching foods with Vitamin K and making sure I don’t have another blood clot. Then I get another MCL (knee sprain) and I find out that my knee cap is loose and we are CAREFULLY doing physical therapy. I spot check my heart rate and oxygen levels with my pulse ox meter to make sure that I’m not getting my heart rate too high. Life is definitely a fun adventure!

I’m not where I thought I would be 6 months post op, but I am hanging in there! I keep living day one day at a time and laughing every chance I get! I really do think laughter is the best medicine, which speaking of that at 5:30am my wife woke me up and she was only half awake talking in her sleep…and I farted on her (hey gas happens) and she goes YOU FARTED ON ME! I laughed and go YES! YOU LOVE MY METHANE CUDDLES!! Yes this is why you get married, so you can annoy that special person the rest of your life!

We laugh so much even with all the pain and suffering and there is a lot of it. I try to find the jokes because I need to laugh or else I would cry. This morning I am stiff and my neck hurts. Actually about 90% of me hurts right now, but I am going to make the best of it, try to enjoy the snow that is out there before it all melts away (which I’m not really sad about) and enjoy today. I have some e-mails to write, and some phone calls to make which can be done from a sitting position which helps. Today will definitely be a sit and rest and charge my battery day and I actually mean that literally, the battery in my butt needs to be charged. I charge my spinal cord stimulator battery once a week so I will sit and watch Hulu or Netflix so I can charge it and it doesn’t feel like it takes as long. I need the distraction.

So before I end this I want to thank everyone who reads these, likes these posts and comments. I hope you laugh when you read them. I hope some of them you learn something. If you have a question please ask! I might not know everything, but I can try to answer what I do know! I am not a medical professional, which is why I always link to Mayo Clinic or another health page, I just have my own personal experience.


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