Four letter words stay away!!

List of my least favorite four letter words…

  • PAIN
  • SNOW
  • WORK
  • DIET

List of my favorite four letter words…NOPE not writing those out you’ll just have to guess!

So I told the physical therapist that the upcoming SNOW had me in a lot of PAIN and I wasn’t looking forward to all the WORK she was going to have me do today. She said oh you’re one of THOSE people. I said yeah, my face is tingling actually because I have a migraine due to all the changes in the atmosphere. LUCKY MEEEEE Actually physical therapy was good we did several different exercises to strengthen the leg muscles, several of them I remember from the LAST time I was in physical therapy. I also got a bit of retail therapy when we went to CVS and I got two bags of valentine’s clearance for 46 cents! I saved 99% I had not done anything like that for a long time, and only got to do it because Mom was there to help me. Helps when you have someone else to pick stuff up and price check for you.

Otis and Creme have both been driving me a bit nutso but I think its because of the SNOW that is coming. Otis keeps trying to chew on the wooden stool and Creme wants to do figure eights around my legs which is not kosher since I am stable but not that stable right now! I know they both just want their loving and we do spend a lot of time playing and hugging/loving on both of them. I think right now its just the weather and I don’t feel well, the wifey doesn’t feel well and the animals know it.

3 thoughts on “Four letter words stay away!!

    1. trompetaz Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, the cold weather makes the hardware in my back hurt and my joints hurt so it just adds to everything! But I’m always sunshiny in personality! So that should count for something right??

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