Family time and pizza

I am exhausted right now, like nap ready level exhaustion, but HAPPY. Meet up with the parents, brother, sister, brother in-law, niece and nephew and spent the day with everyone, but I am ready for a NAP! It’s a long day for me when the whole family gets together, but it brings me so much JOY. I mean the smiles, the giggles, warms my heart how can I say no to that? My niece reminds me a lot of my sister and I and she is a ball of pure energy which I could use a shot of right about now!

We hung out for a bit and then went out for pizza. I haven’t had pizza in while so that was a niece treat. Pappi and I shared a veggie pizza and we fed the nephew mushrooms, green peppers and black olives off of it. Then because he likes lemons I was feeding him a lemon. The kid really likes lemon! You also know we take LOTS of pictures in this family because the kid’s first word is “CHEESE” and he knows to turn and smile any time a person has a camera! I was laughing today at the table, he kept turning and smiling saying CHEESE!

Both of the kids were on good behavior, but it was a long day for them. We had a good day, good food, and definitely good company! I wish wifey could have been there, but it was her weekend to work, so she missed this time, but hopefully next time she’ll be there.

So my birthday is around the corner and I’m thinking about cake and what kind of cake I want, I know I am going to do another butterfly cake and the niece is going to help me decorate it which is EXCITING!! I mean a 3 year old pastry chef is AWESOME! I couldn’t ask for a better helper! In all honesty the niece does know her way around a kitchen. We are working on helping her with her cooking skills under adult supervision obviously, but I want her to be adventurous in the kitchen and learn new skills because she enjoys it so much.

I also need to decide what meal I want to go with my birthday the traditional is eggplant parmesan which is probably what we are going to have with gluten free crackers since we are gluten free now. I am looking forward to my birthday to celebrate with family, to celebrate with the wifey to celebrate one more year of being me. Silly, goofy me, yeah things definitely were crazy scary at points this year, but guess what I got through them, I got the scars to prove it! Life is good. I think you just need to sit back and remember life is good. Even when everything is falling around you, or you feel like that take a deep breath and remember what is most important you are still breathing, as long as you are still breathing, life is good.

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