I get hurt in the DUMBEST ways possible! Seriously! When doctors meet me for the first time and say so how did this happen and I tell them I’m sure they are thinking I wonder how this really happened, but then after they get to know me they realize no she really is just that clumsy!

Im not clumsy

So yesterday was another round of physical therapy but I was having chest pains so we did everything passively, did muscle work, massage, etc and watched the heart rate like a hawk, doc even took my blood pressure which was awesome btw! He’s just as concerned as I am about the heart issues. So then he told me to brace the right knee and he taped my left knee with green and yellow tape! AWESOME! So fast forward to dinner wifey and I are about to get up after eating at a round table (yes that is important to this story) and I SMACK my right wrist on the underneath of the ROUND table to the point that I now have a red crescent shape red mark on my wrist….FANTASTIC!! I am being very careful not to curse because we are in public, but trust me when I tell you it HURT!!! So Mom and wifey shake their heads not because they thought it was funny but more like I cannot believe you just tried to break your wrist on a table from just STANDING UP! Like how would we explain that one to the ER doctors? She was just standing up from dinner, nothing more, nothing less.

I mean my track record for getting hurt doing normal stuff is pretty impressive actually goes all the way back to 3rd grade when I broke my hand in 2 places playing during recess. We were tossing a rubber ball to each other. Not hard just tossing and I broke my hand in not 1, but 2 places. When I told the first teacher, they told me to run some cold water on my hand thinking the rubber just burned it because they knew we were just tossing it to each other and they knew that I was an athletic kid, I played soccer, swam on swim team, etc. No one thought that I had actually BROKEN my hand. So yeah….I’ve dislocated both knees walking on flat surfaces, torn the ligaments in my ankle walking home, etc. Yup I pretty much can do harm just walking…Wifey says she is going to bubble wrap me, I keep waiting for a huge box to show up from Amazon with an economy sized roll of it.

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