Internal clock…we need an intervention!

Okay so I’ve never been a fan of Daylight Savings Time…especially in the SPRING, I mean seriously who was sitting under an apple tree and thought we should all lose an hour of sleep? THAT’S A BRILLIANT IDEA!! I think God should have made an apple fall and hit the nut-job on the head and given them 5 minutes of amnesia and made the whole idea of Daylight Savings Time VANISH!! But seriously why do we feel like this is a good idea? Twice a year we screw with our internal clocks?

So my internal clock decide to wake me up at the normal 7am time..well 7am internal clock time which was 8am now. I just shook my head and got up because I decided that until I have an intervention with my internal clock I’m going to lose! I mean my brain is just going to get me up at 7am it’s time every day and I just need to suck it up. The sooner I accept that I am powerless over my internal clock the sooner I can face it.

I think about all those years that I was definitely NOT a morning person and now I am the chippy morning person  person awake at 7am, and making breakfast for my wife. Whatever happened to the girl who slept in until 9am on the weekends? Definitely not here anymore! The pain I feel wakes me up 7am on the dot, if I wake up later I see it as a blessing. I mean if I am waking up later than 8am I am singing like Maria from “Sound of Music” I mean really woot! I got to sleep in! Most kids get up early on Christmas morning to sneak down to see what is in their stocking, peek at their gifts, NOT ME! I would be snug in my bed, Mom did let me sleep in SOME, but she would let my 2 sisters wake me up at 8am, and then when my brother came along, the 3 of them would wake me up at 8am to open presents. When I would complain Mom would tell me I had a lifetime to sleep in..well apparently my internal clock was plotting against me alll the way back then! See it was waiting in the bushes like a lion waiting for its unsuspecting prey. It made me think I had all the time in the world to sleep in, but NO!

Now as an adult I get to wake up at 7am. Thank you internal clock..I hate you!

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