Laughing till I stop…breathing…

So I was in the ER last Wednesday with chest pains and the only thing I can tell you for certain is that laughing brings them on. I was at a meeting today and I got laughing so hard for a minute I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen. I was laughing because I was having such a good time and then the room started spinning and I started to panic and I realized I just needed to BREATHE. I started to take slow deep controlled breaths and focused on an object, and just breathed. After the room slowly came to a stop I asked Mom for some water to which she clued in that I wasn’t feeling alright. After a couple sips of water I started to feel okay again.

BREATHE!! BREATHE! You will be okay as long as you DON’T FREAKIN’ LAUGH! Please! Asking me not to laugh is like asking a child not to eat a free ice cream cone! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! I was talking to my cousin, yes the favorite one, I get paid money to say that you know, on the phone and I got laughing so hard I said to him stop or you’re going to give me chest pains again! He of course not realizing that I was being totally serious made some witty remark and got me going again. So I say to him no I’m actually being serious stop for a minute. So I calm down. Tell him about the laughing and the chest pains and then we keep going.

I’m too young for all this, I want to go back to being 4 and a half WITHOUT the medical drama! I liked it better when I had time to color and play in my pretend fort! Now I don’t even get to play in my fort because I hurt to bad. The only thing with this chest pain I have figured out is that laughing aggravates it which is annoying since I LOVE to laugh, I love to make other people laugh. Laughter is normally very good medicine, but not for me, not right now!

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