Black and blue…oh MY!

I have bruises all over, the coumadin clinic is going to wonder WHAT in the world I have been up to in the last two weeks! Short answer is I’ve been in the ER, and had a couple minor accidents…well I am rather clumsy. Then from the manual therapy last week I got a few bruises which we aren’t sure why. From being on the coumadin I get bruises easier. So I look like I got in some fight with the bruise on my wrist from eating out, the bruise from the IV from the ER, the bruise on the other arm from them drawing blood and then the bruises around my knee from pt….yeah I’m a hot mess right now!

So to celebrate Rounded Pi Day we are having Pizza! Hey they didn’t say it had to be sweet! It’s gluten free of course! So I’m excited, it’s pepperoni and mushroom. YUMMY!

2 thoughts on “Black and blue…oh MY!

  1. Mary

    I’m sorry for your troubles, but hope your treatments will help make you feel better and keep you well. It makes sense to bruise easily if you’re on Coumadin, but what if you’re not? I have Lupus and take Plaquenil and I bruise easily as well. I had a massage on my legs the other day and developed bruises mostly around my knees from it. I’ve always been easy to bruise, but feel more so now since I’ve had Lupus, even before I got on Plaquenil. I was also diagnosed with a blood disorder in which the blood is too thick and puts you at a risk for clotting. I was gonna be put on a baby aspirin, but when retested for the disorder, it came back negative. So even if I do have this blood disorder, that would mean my blood was too thick, not too thin. Does having blood that’s too thick also put you at risk for easy bruising?


    1. trompetaz Post author

      And that is a very good question, they won’t be able to test me for more blood disorders that involve clotting until I am off the Coumadin. I am going to ask for more testing once I’m off because there are some questions about why I developed the clot in the first place, especially because it was SO BIG. So there will be more tests we are just waiting for the first clot to be resolved before more testing is done.



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