Please hold still….

So today I had stress test 5,003…okay I MAYBE exaggerating by a little…it was only stress test number 5…or was this 6? See I’ve had so many I can’t even remember! I remember I had a couple of the old fashioned ones where you had to actually RUN on the treadmill until you thought you were going to throw up, then I learned that they could actually do a chemically induced one so I had my cardiologist order those for me because then I had one of those who realized that having me run on a treadmill was not good for my knees. So then they did the chemically induced stress tests, so then I had one of those, then I had a couple of Nuclear stress tests and then that brings us to today so yeah I’ve had just a little experience in the stress test world. I mean you would think I am a stressed person…or something. Actually some people in the past would use the description “high strung” when speaking of me, which I would try to act like that wasn’t an accurate descriptor but I just told you how many stress tests I’ve had in the last 10 years so I don’t think I should even try right now!

So I got my stress test with all the beautiful pictures of my heart I should hear back in about a week from the doctor what the results are, if I hear anything sooner that’s a BAD SIGN. When you are dealing with cardiac testing no news is GOOD news. I’ve learned fast test results are NOT good. I do however get to eat some greasy meals for the next couple of days to help absorb the medicines they gave me today which is always a good excuse to cheat on my diet! I had a bacon cheeseburger and fries for lunch today.

The first time I went through all the cardiac testing I worried myself to death. I wanted to know what was wrong with my heart and if I was going to die, etc. This go round I’m like I’ve already been told I should have died 6 months ago, I’ve done this test 2 times previously I’m good to go! I was so relaxed my blood pressure was AWESOME! Much better than it was yesterday at the orthopedic’s office. Yesterday the orthopedic was worried about me stroking out, today I’m at the cardiologist getting ready for a stress test and my blood pressure was prefect.

I will say that with the chemically induced stress tests they are a bit weird because you are sitting in a chair and they give you the medicine via the IV and you feel your heart start to pump really fast and you are just sitting in a chair minding your own business. The medicine works fast too. My chest still hurts a bit tonight from the test which is common. I hope they figure out what is going on with the high heart rate because I am really over all this mess! I want to be DONE with all of it like yesterday!

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