Artist in the making

So the 3 year old loves to paint so we bought a couple of small canvases for her to paint with Aunt Jenna (wifey) while she was here this weekend. She had a BLAST! Aunt Jenna set up the traveling easel in the kitchen and she gave her a pallet and she got to pick her colors and paint. She learned about mixing colors and how not to put too much paint on her brush. She did a very nice job.

We have had the 3 year old since Friday night, and then the 1 year old since Saturday morning and we’re having a ball. We made Olaf waffles for breakfast and we had Easter pasta. The 3 year old helped decorate my cake. We also made Unicorn POOP! So you see we’ve had all SORTS of FUN! We have also learned that Aunt Jenn and Aunt Jenna have RULES and there are consequences if you don’t want to follow the rules. Hey kids need boundaries! However we have had so much fun that she still doesn’t think I’m mean, so I still have some work to do…No I’m not trying to make her think I’m mean, I just need her to know that I have clear boundaries and a clear set of rules she needs to follow at my house.

Tonight family is coming over for ham and baked potatoes and we’re going to have CAKE and Ice Cream! So happy to have family time for my birthday! Oh and I’m sure we’ll dig into the Unicorn Poop too! Best served with carrots and celery.

Considering in October they didn’t think I’d see another day I am blessed to be celebrating another birthday with my family! I see each day as a new gift, a new adventure and a new day to make an impact. What will you do today?

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