Spring 2016 Fashion Look

So when you have really crappy knees….you get braces on BOTH LEGS! WOOT! Yup my very FASHINONABLE look this spring is a brace on each leg. The orthopedic is having me wear a brace on each knee for the next 6 weeks (well to start with). Of course my hamstrings are sore from wearing the braces, but its all good! I am a little more off balance than I normally am, but I am good.

I am feeling better! YAY! My beautiful niece and nephew passed on a virus of some sort to me and the wifey. I got it first and wasn’t feeling well on Monday, then the wifey got it yesterday plus a MIGRAINE! So she’s battling both…I really feel bad for her because the migraine is hanging on because of the virus. So I’m feeling better and she feels awful. Isn’t that the way it works? One spouse gets over something the other one get its.

So the doctor prescribed her a liquid diet for a few days to help her stomach get back on track and to continue the migraine regimen. We talked to my Mom and she had it today, so hoping I can get to physical therapy tomorrow. We’ll see. I loved having the kids this weekend, but I don’t love the virus they gave me as a present!


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