Natural temper

I am a natural redhead. I have the fair skin, the freckles, the hazel eyes and the TEMPER to prove it. I am very soft spoken…usually….BUT when I get pushed to my limits I erupt like Mount Vesuvius. Today was one of those days that I was pushed to my limit and I erupted. When I was younger I would throw things, and I have to admit as an adult I do find throwing things still does have a certain adrenal release, but I tend to let my mouth do the throwing. I have learned that when I start to see the color red I need to just walk away. Gingersnap

So I got up after yelling at the person who was driving me crazy and walked away. My heart rate didn’t appreciate the emotional stress, my head didn’t appreciate the emotional stress and honestly I don’t like conflict. I like to peacefully resolve conflicts. I like everyone to talk things out. I like mediation. I like peace, harmony and butterflies!

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