Rain, heartburn and apple cider vinegar…

I hurt, I’m sore and I just want a nap! So the rain is causing me to hurt even more than I have been. It’s POURING, even the cat is running for her life! The rain hits the windows and the noise scares her. You couldn’t even see the house next to us it was raining so hard. The cat went and hid under the bed until the rain stopped. We just laughed a bit, and watched the rain. I’m glad my appointment is later in the day. Hopefully the sun will choose to peak out.

I have the worse heartburn again. I don’t get it often but every once in awhile I will get it and it is the worse! I really dislike it and since I only get it once in awhile I take a couple tablespoons of raw organic apple cider vinegar in some water. Everyone always asks me how can you do that? I laugh and say I’ve had some pretty gross alcoholic shots in my day and I figure if I can down those I can drink this! I really don’t think it’s that bad and you don’t have to put it in that much water- the water is to help dilute it so it’s not so hard on your teeth. I will take it a couple of days and my heartburn will clear up and I’ll be good to go again. I have a feeling the increased potassium pills are to blame this go round because diet wise I have not been eating foods that trigger it.

Still trying to figure out this whole low potassium issue. Doctors keep blaming medication, I’m not convinced. I think its something else of course I don’t have a medical degree so what do I know? I will say that if the number comes back the same on 3 pills a day I am going to say to the doctor he needs to do other blood work because if on 1 pill its this number and on 2 pills its this number and then on 3 pills its the same number something else is going on. It shouldn’t stay the same number when you are increasing the supplement.

So we will see I will keep eating all those wonderful potassium rich foods and see what we got in a week. Hopefully the number has improved and we can move forward if not I’m not sure what plan B will be besides more blood work because something has got to give, when my potassium is low my legs spasm and that just isn’t a happy situation for anyone especially ME!

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