Evil Eye

So if you have been following along you will know that I am rather bitter about having to take 3 potassium supplement pills a day right now. I was on 1 pill a day at the beginning of March, but when I got my one way ticket to the ER (thanks to my fabulous cardiologist) we found out my potassium levels are low. So when I went to my PCP to talk about my ER visit he raised the supplement to 2 tabs a day with follow-up blood work in 1 week. I did the follow up blood work and my potassium levels are the SAME!! So now I am on 3 pills a day….needless to say I am a bit cranky about this…so I told the nurse very politely that I would need a new script which I thought he had done, but they didn’t give me at the pharmacy when I picked up meds last week. So she said let me call them and talk to them. SURE!! I mean that makes my life a LOT easier!!! So she talks to them and tells them they have to fill it, so it got filled ASAP! Power of persuasion! So she gets back on the line tells me that since I had just had it filled that’s why they didn’t fill it, and I told her I understood that part, but with taking 2 and now having to take 3 pills, I was going to run out a lot faster than my original taking 1 pill a day. So we got that all squared away.

So last night I go to pick it up…Now mind you it’s late, I’ve had physical therapy already so I’m a bit punchy at this point….

*Up walks way to perky sales associate*

Me- I’m here to pick up a prescription for *insert information*

Sales associate (SA)-Okay can I have your date of birth?


SA-Okay let me get that for you!

*goes gets the prescription comes back*

SA-Do you have any questions for the pharmicist?

Me-Nope I’ve been taking these long enough and at the rate I’m going I’ll be taking a bunch more because the stupid potassium level won’t go up so now I’m on 3 pills a day!

SA- Umm….this say to take 2 pills a day…

Me- *laughs* Yeah that was before he got the blood work back! See I was on 1 pill a day and my level was *insert number* then he told me to take 2 pills a day and wrote that script and told me to get my blood checked and it’s still *insert number* so now we’re up to 3 pills a day! YAY ME! I feel like I won the lotto! So I have to get my blood checked again, so if it doesn’t go up I’ll be seeing you again soon for more! *insert more laughing*

SA- Well let’s hope that this does the trick.

So I smile sweetly thinking chica you have no clue, you have no clue. I really am sick of this potassium CRAP!!

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