Homemade Subway and Amy Winehouse

So apparently people will make what used to be called a “sandwich” and call it homemade Subway now. Yes people this is a thing now…yes I am being totally serious. So wifey and I were discussing this this morning before she left for work as she was showing me pictures on Buzzfeed and then tonight we were still laughing about other homemade restaurant foods. Now I want to point out that any sandwich is classified as  Homemade Subway including those made on plain white bread, not just those made on sub rolls..to which I was VERY CONFUSED!!! I mean if you are going to be calling it homemade Subway I would think only sandwiches that you can actually buy AT SUBWAY would count, but apparently this is NOT the case. So wifey was talking about I’m going to make some spaghetti and make me some Homemade Olive Garden, or some tacos and have some Homemade Taco Bell. I mean why not?

So then she showed me a picture of a Drag Queen and said that some Drag Queens can pull off a trashy look, some cannot. In the picture the Drag Queen looked like Amy Winehouse, so me being silly go “Why haven’t we heard any new music from Amy Winehouse??” Of course I start giggling while I say this which totally gives up that I’m being serious in my posing of the question, but eh I tried! We really have lost some really great musicians too early.

So tomorrow I am thinking I am going to make some Homemade Subway for lunch I mean since apparently you can use any bread and any toppings I figure I can use whatever I find and it will count! I mean I could put hot fudge syrup on their but as long as it’s between two pieces of bread it counts as Homemade Subway.

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