So after you have had major back surgery there are lots of things you used to be able to do that you can no longer do. One of these things is tie your shoes. So after the first surgery I wore Velcro® shoes, but I didn’t like them. I was so used to this one brand and style of shoe that of course had laces that every other style of shoe felt wrong. Also the Velcro® shoes just made me feel unstable. I had been used to wearing non-slip, oil resistant soles and the Velcro® ones seemed to be made for little old men in the nursing homes. I know lots of people wear Velcro® shoes but every time I wore them I really felt much older than I am. So I started trying to figure out a solution for how to get back in my old brand of shoes, the ones that I had grown to love so much, the ones I felt comfortable in. So one day I am reading in a blog and the blog writer had been given a product to test, she liked it, so I buy it. I have been wearing Zubits® for about 6 months now and they are the answer to my problem.

I added Zubits® to my favorite pair of shoes and now I don’t have to worry about lacing them! It really was the solution I was looking for. I have them set up so I can slip my foot in and out of the shoe because that works for me, the magnet is strong enough (I wear I size 3) that the shoes stay snug on my feet. I really can’t say enough positive things about them. I often have people ask me about them because they notice that my shoes aren’t tied, but they aren’t the normal no-lace products they have seen either. So I tell them what they are.

So right now Zubits® is having a 40% off limited time sale on their website and I would recommend you checking them out.

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