Deja vu

So yesterday wifey wasn’t feeling well and she went to the ER. So I met her there. The ER was busy so they got her back for triage quickly, but then sent us back into the waiting room until a bed opened up for her.

While we were waiting I played on my phone. I had my spinal chord stimulator on hoping to keep the back pain at bay as best as I could. Sitting in the ER waiting room chairs is really hard on my body, but I knew wifey wouldn’t choose to be in the ER unless she needed to be there. When we finally got back to a room it was a trauma room…it was my trauma room from 6 months ago.

I looked at the trauma bed and I had flashbacks of laying there and being told by the doctor I should be dead. Flashbacks of them not being able to get the IV in. I was not real thrilled to be in the trauma room where I had my saddle pulmonary embolism diagnosed in. At least wifey was not on the trauma bed, she was on the other side of the room. She got to lay in the normal bed. They ran testing and determined that she was stable that there is no infection, but her specialists are going to need to run more tests. She sees one on Friday and one Monday. So we’ll go from here. I’m glad she had a better outcome than I did in that room.


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