State Award

When you have any major joint issues excess poundage adds to those issues. I have been actively working on losing weight for the last 2 years. In 2014 I lost 34lbs and in 2015 I lost 50.6lbs. Yesterday I was recognized by my weight loss group for having the highest weight loss in my weight division for my state! How exciting is that?! Of course I have known about this for about a month and I had keep that information top secret! Mom took me shopping for a dress because for the awards ceremony we had to be dressed formally. I even wore tights which let me tell you was a feat! Mom helped me put them on because let’s be back doesn’t work that way! But I looked stunning! I wore a long dress with a royal blue sweater, and my silver butterfly necklace that the wifey gave me for our first Valentine’s Day. I wanted her to be there with me in spirit.

After receiving this award they asked each of us to read a pre-prepared 250 word story on our weight loss journey. Staying true to myself I had a bit of humor in my story. I also told them about how 6 months ago they told me I should be dead. They had also asked for us to provide a before picture and when I told the audience my starting weight, there were a lot of wows. It didn’t surprise me because often people think I’m skinnier than I am. I remember the EMTs under guessing my weight by 50lbs and I corrected him because in an emergency situation 50lbs makes a BIG difference!

I am really proud of myself for taking the weight off through my health challenges. It has not been easy. I have hit some roadblocks at times, but I keep going and living life one day at a time. Getting up in front of several hundred people and being able to tell them yes I lost 50.6lbs last year even though I have all these health problems and I’m walking with a cane (I twisted my knee at dinner the night before…yeah even in the brace!) but you can do it too!

Friday night I was in the New You Parade and showed everyone how I have gone from a size 32 pant to a 22 pant size. Everyone was shocked. I have to say I was pretty shocked when I pulled the pants out of the closet after not paying attention to them for so long and held them up to me and saw the difference. I mean you don’t really think about it, but it’s been a BIG change. I am hoping to be back up on stage again next year to tell a different story, to inspire a new group because the more weight I take off the better I am feeling, it hasn’t solved my health problems, but it does make me feel better.

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