When I close my eyes I see pain

I sprained my knee….again…walking…on a flat surface. Yes that’s what I said. Yes, it was braced. I give up! Seriously walking slowly, with it braced on a flat surface I sprained it again, something snapped, and it HURTS. It hurts so bad that I lay down and close my yes I see pain. I can’t really describe what I see because it’s not like the color red. I mean if I told you I saw the color red, you could close your eyes and you would see the color red. Pain is a whole different ballgame! I can’t tell you to close your eyes and see pain because everyone is going to picture a different picture.

I’m having trouble sleeping tonight, it’s a combination of too much pain and too little tiredness or maybe too much tiredness…not sure! My knee hurts so bad, but I don’t want to sleep. My brain hurts it’s so tired but my body wants to stay awake because I know what is waiting for me when I lay down and close my eyes and I don’t want that. Pain just sucks ass. There is no way around it. We try all sorts of things to not have pain, to dull the pain, to get rid of the pain, but pain is just part of life unfortunately.


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