Upright..sort of…

1 knee…2 knees..1 brace…2 braces…up, down…all around. So I had the appointment about the sprained knee and the good news is it does not appear that I tore the meniscus. It looks like I have an MCL sprain in the LEFT knee to match the MCL sprain in the RIGHT knee. Well at least I MATCH…at least I am consistent. I cried. I am in pain, I don’t know what else to do. I had my knee braced and I still sprained it. Doc told me to just keep what I am doing keep both knees braced, keep in physical therapy and he will see me in another six weeks.

When I walked into the office I was losing my balance which isn’t anything new. I have balance issues some of it is physical, some of it is neurological. So the nurses behind the desk asked if I needed a wheelchair and I told them no and explained that some of this was physical from me spraining my knee last week and some of it was neurological and as long as I keep a sense of grounding I should be okay. Which I love people’s facial expressions because there are microburst that you can’t control as well and you could see the gears turning as they are trying to decide if someone who just readily admitted to neurological issues should be trusted to stand on their own two feet.

Which at this point I probably should be wrapped in bubbled wrap for my own protection. I can have a “FRAGILE” sticker places on my butt and you might have to special order the helmet since I have a big head..I mean size wise…yeah I know ego too, but seriously we have a heck of a time finding hats that will fit my BIG head.

Anything that will ward off another injury because I am just sick and tired of being broken.

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