Rain, pain and a drop of blood

Bad storms are a brewin’! There was hail the size of golf balls in the DC area yesterday thanks to social media we got to see pictures. My head and neck are really hurting still. I think this is my body’s way of telling me it’s time for surgery. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and my arm from the shoulder all the way down was totally numb. This then caused my leg to slip and hit the bed frame which wasn’t happy!

So as I’m re-telling this story this morning wifey said to me that the bed frame and I just can’t seem to get along! I mean I got a concussion from it last year (yes that is a true story…) and now I hurt my leg. So she goes maybe when we replace the bed we need to get a softer gentler frame. I laughed and go NO! I might break a softer gentler frame! I mean this one takes a beating and keeps on trucking! I think it’s all in your perspective!

So I have to get my INR checked today and it’s been running low so we’ll see how that goes, good news is that is only a drop of blood. Then I have to get more blood drawn for more labs to try and figure out the potassium and other health issues which are more complicated. So everyone is agreeing that I can come off the blood thinners before surgery, but we are keeping me on them until closer to the surgery because the therapeutic value of having me on them outweighs me coming off them now. If I didn’t have to have surgery this year I would stay on them a full 12 months. So if we can get as close to that 12 month mark as we can the better we all feel it will be long term. Of course now that I have had this massive blood clot the higher my risk for a 2nd one will be.

I am also going to ask for blood work to be done after I come off the blood thinners to look for clotting factors because I think we all need to know before the next surgery if I have even more issues like Factor V playing into this. I mean the more we know the better we are walking into this next surgery. I was not prepared to get a massive blood clot last time, and we know that my veins are compromised this time so things will be handled differently for sure. I also am more aware of the signs of blood clots.

All that being said I’m at peace going into this next surgery. I know I need it. I’m not thrilled about needing it, but I know that for my overall health I need it especially with the issues with my arms and hands. I know we just have to be smart about it. Trying to get all the ducks in a row before surgery, get all the puzzle pieces before surgery too.

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