Dr. Google

So a group of people are talking about different symptoms and one of the ladies said the worst thing I ever did was Google my symptoms. The second woman says to her Dr. Google is the worse! The third woman says I know, I went to Dr. Google and I found out I was dying! The group of women gasp at the news look to the third woman and she responds then I went to my real doctor and found out I had strep throat…..

The women give a huge sigh of relief that their friend is not dying, and the third woman continues THAT is when I learned never use Dr. Google…their medical degree is unreliable and you almost always end up thinking you’re dead! To that the women start to chuckle, and tell of similar stories of looking up symptoms on the Internet using different websites and almost always finding out one they went to their physician that their condition was much milder than they self diagnosed.

Researching on the Internet has definitely become a two edged sword. It is a good place for information, but sometimes too much information especially with chronic illness can actually be a bad thing! There is nothing wrong with looking up information as long as you can be objective about the results of your research. You can research without thinking that you are dying. You can research without then going to your doctor and assuming you are right and they are wrong. That being said are their cases of doctors missing diagnoses? Yes, I had that happen to me before. There is nothing wrong with getting a second, third sometimes even a fourth opinion if you need it.

I think you just have to remember that if you are going to a good doctor they have gone to medical school they have years of training and practice and they do know what they are doing. I know as a patient it gets frustrating sometimes, especially when you are sick. You want to be better like yesterday. You want to get your life back, you want what you had. I am really frustrated with my knees. I am tired of this let’s just wait, but I know we need to just wait. There is nothing wrong with being an advocate for yourself because you know your body better than anyone else, but you also need to find the best doctors because they know medicine.

It needs to be a team. Some teams are bigger than others, but it still needs to be a team. My team got bigger after the surgeries and the blood clot. Making sure decisions are made to help me feel my best. So while I’m not a medical doctor, I do have a team of them helping me make decisions when needed.

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