Sore, sore and more sore!

The sun is out, but I think every muscle is sore. I feel like I have been hit by a mac truck! I noticed this morning that I had a bit of an aura, and I wonder if I had a bit of a migraine. I have a bit of a headache, but that’s pretty normal these days. I hurt from between my shoulders, down my left side, across my low back down both legs yeah pretty much my whole body. Gotta love fibro….not really…

Every time I move something is cracking, popping or snapping. I think I might be a huge box of Rice Krispies…just in human form. Or maybe I just ate too many when I was a child.

I have been trying to walk around a bit and stretch the muscles out a bit very carefully. The hard part when you are this sore is that the LAST thing you want is to walk around and stretch! However a warm shower did feel good. Before all this mess happened I used to like hot showers, now I don’t! I only like warm showers. The water sometimes bothers me, the feeling of the water on my skin will set off the nerve response.

If it’s not one thing it’s another right?

2 thoughts on “Sore, sore and more sore!

  1. Barbara Marincel

    Definitely, it seems as though it is always something! I like what you wrote about Rice Krispies, lol. I’m hurting a lot these days too…fibro and migraines, despite the beautiful weather we have been having.


    1. trompetaz Post author

      We have been having rain upon rain and dashed with a little more RAIN! We did get some sun the other day which was a nice break! I will be glad for a few days of SUN!! We had over 2 inches of rain yesterday morning, good for the garden but not for my body!



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