So INR is the blood test that is done when you are on blood thinners. You have a range (set by your doctor) and for me I have had a hard time staying in my range even though I do not eat the high vitamin K foods. I REALLY MISS BROCCOLI!!!! Seriously! I used to eat a LOT of broccoli and spinach before all this mess, but I don’t eat either of these now. I plan on eating a lot of broccoli and spinach once I’m off blood thinners again.

So the last two checks I have been low and have had to be given a booster dose for a couple of days, well today I was IN RANGE!! I was/am very excited that I am in range. Now I’m sure you are going to ask what can cause me what can cause INR to fluctuate and the answer is a lot can! If you are sick it can cause it to fluctuate. If you lose a lot of weight, or gain a lot of weight, if you eat a lot of vitamin C, if you drink tea, if you drink certain juices, etc!

It’s a lot, BUT I had a MASSIVE saddle pulmonary embolism (blood clot both sides of the lungs). It cut off all blood supply, I passed out, I have been told I am very lucky to be alive. I’ve been told by 3 doctors I should be dead. I am very happy to be alive. I am actually about 21lbs lighter now. My blood pressure is a LOT better, my heart is a lot better, I no longer have a blood clot!! HOWEVER I am on blood thinners for the therapeutic value. They will be keeping me on the blood thinners for the time being, we’re talking to a hematologist soon about my up coming surgery. Getting some expert opinion on my current situation, and where we go from here.

I am too blessed to be stressed and trust me I was laughing today in the clinic with the staff to bring a little joy because life is too short to be GRUMPY!!

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