Lists and planning

So I am a list person and I always have been, I like lists and color coding. When I was in college I had my calendar with my color coding for when tests were and papers, etc. If I write something down I remember it a lot easier. I can usually visualize it. Now with all the neurological issues that I have suffered in the last couple of years that gift is not as reliable as it was before, but I still find that if I write something down I usually can recall it at a later date.

I like to color code and have everything have a specific meaning, I like to have plans and know what is going to happen. I do not like changes in routine, I like to have an out when I’m in a social situation. I am high strung. I have mellowed a bit in my old age, BUT I know I am high strung especially when I am anxious. Having surgery makes me anxious. I know the surgery will be fine, but there is a lot to do to prep for the surgery and for after the surgery, making sure all the ducks are in a row, so I make my lists. I make sure I have my questions for the doctors, I make sure I have my visits lined up. I make sure I have everything done. I like to be over prepared.

I like to know what I am walking into I do not like to feel like I may be ambushed. I like to pretend like I am in control. At the clinic I have one of the pharmacists trained that they can only use one color highlighter. I only like one color, so they can only use one color (okay a little on the OCD side…) I just like being prepared. So we have the date we’re getting the appointments set up so we can get everything done before surgery, making sure all the doctors have checked all their boxes, etc.

I’m making sure I have everything I need for recovery. This surgery is going to be different than the last two, but certain things stay the same as far as needs. I am working in physical therapy to build up the leg strength which I know will aid in the recovery. I am glad that I don’t have to deal with another low back surgery. I just keep taking everything one list at a time!

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