Weight loss milestones

I am really, really close to losing 100lbs as in 3lbs away close. I’m so close I can taste it! Which tasting things is what added the 100lbs in the first place! I am trying to lose 10lbs before my next surgery and I am well on my way to reaching that goal to yay! I am really close to meeting my 100lbs lost goal so yay to that! So now the trick is how am I going to reward myself when I hit 100lbs lost? Obviously not a food reward!

A friend asked me what my weight loss has averaged per month so I figured it out and I average 3.5lbs/month which is a good steady loss because that is about a pound a week. My doctors like a slow steady loss because I am more apt to keep it off if it comes off slow and steady. Of course being impatient I would like it to come of a bit faster than that, BUT I know that slow and steady is healthier for me in the long term and if in just over 2 years I’ve lost 100lbs well that’s nothing to sneeze at!

I really like being able to wear smaller clothes again! I have been putting on t-shirts that I haven’t been able to wear for years! I only kept them because they had sentimental value and now they fit again. I had 2 bags of clothes that went to donation over the weekend because they were way to big for me! Cleaning out the closet felt really good! Now to keep up the pace and not get side tracked after surgery!

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