Knees are crap

So I went to the orthopedic and he basically told me that my knees are crap. I already knew that, but I got confirmation from the guy with the MD behind his name! I have to wear knee braces on both legs from now until FORRREVER!!! *Said in my best movie voice!* It’s good however. The braces keep my legs stable so that is good for my overall health. He wants me to keep up the physical therapy. Which I like the physical therapy.

I am hoping to strengthen my legs up and at least get to the point where I can then strengthen my back too. One step at a time. I have learned that you have to crawl before you can walk again! I was hoping to get rid of the knee braces, but now I have made peace with them and realized they are one with me! When you just accept them and realize that life is good, life is GOOD! I mean seriously life is good.

I am good, life is good. I am happy and working on living the best life I can.

Today I am in pain and I’m trying to distract myself anyways I can. My hips hurt which I know is from my knees, because my knees hurt all the time I tend to stand unevenly which then causes my hips to hurt. I try really hard to be conscious about how I stand, how I walk and how I move because everything matters. Of course I get hurt in the dumbest ways so we’ll see!

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