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Weight loss milestones

I am really, really close to losing 100lbs as in 3lbs away close. I’m so close I can taste it! Which tasting things is what added the 100lbs in the first place! I am trying to lose 10lbs before my next surgery and I am well on my way to reaching that goal to yay! I am really close to meeting my 100lbs lost goal so yay to that! So now the trick is how am I going to reward myself when I hit 100lbs lost? Obviously not a food reward!

A friend asked me what my weight loss has averaged per month so I figured it out and I average 3.5lbs/month which is a good steady loss because that is about a pound a week. My doctors like a slow steady loss because I am more apt to keep it off if it comes off slow and steady. Of course being impatient I would like it to come of a bit faster than that, BUT I know that slow and steady is healthier for me in the long term and if in just over 2 years I’ve lost 100lbs well that’s nothing to sneeze at!

I really like being able to wear smaller clothes again! I have been putting on t-shirts that I haven’t been able to wear for years! I only kept them because they had sentimental value and now they fit again. I had 2 bags of clothes that went to donation over the weekend because they were way to big for me! Cleaning out the closet felt really good! Now to keep up the pace and not get side tracked after surgery!


Oh Kiwi maybe I can have 1

So I had my INR check today which was 1.9 (I am supposed to be between 2.0-3.0) and I tell the pharmacist about my knew found knowledge about kiwi fruit and they say what? I tell them to look it up so they look it up and go huh! It is in fact considered a moderate food! So I can eat 1 just 1 and still be okay as far as my INR is concerned and then they ask me if I have been eating a lot of kiwi recently! I tell them NO!!! I have broken up with kiwi because they betrayed me and like a bad girlfriend we are not on speaking terms and I gave a pouty face because well that’s how I roll! So they laugh and tell me that 1 medium kiwi would be okay, just not 5! So I like this! I like that I can have 1, I can deal with 1. I want more, but I can deal with 1!

So life is a bit better now that I have permission to eat 1!

Oh Kiwi you have betrayed me!

So we decided this year to try growing kiwi! Yeah most people would look at me like what? We bought a variety that can withstand cold temperatures and we are growing it in the backyard and if it does well, who knows maybe we’ll get another! So we were looking at the growth the other night and reading the tag and I see where it mentions that kiwi are a good source of Vitamin K…wait WHAT!!!! So I look at the wife and go umm nooo…that can’t be! Not my kiwi!! So I do some research and lo and’s true!

So a couple of weeks ago one of the stores I like to shop at, had an AMAZING sale on you guessed it! KIWI!!! So I bought 8! Now in case you are wondering I can sit and eat 2 or 3 at a time, so 8 really was not that many for the household. So between me sitting and eating them, fruit salad for the wife’s work and dehydrating them I probably ate 5 or 6 out of the 8 I bought. So in this time frame I had 2 INR checks and my INR was REALLY LOW, and they asked me about Vitamin K foods and of course I go NOO I don’t eat them because I honestly had NO IDEA my kiwi was betraying me!

So I am going to have to breakup with my beloved kiwi until my blood thinner treatment is up and then I’ll probably gored myself on them along with spinach and broccoli! I’m going to be eating the weirdest meals once I’m off blood thinners! The only good news is that the plant in the backyard shouldn’t produce fruit this year, it should start producing next year, so I shouldn’t have to worry about lusting over fresh kiwi in my backyard that I cannot eat. I mean that would be more than I could handle! I might have to beg the doctors to let me eat just one! Please give me more blood thinner so I can eat my KIWI!!! IT’S SO FRESH! It’s calling my name!!!!


More LOVE!

Oh my GOSH is my heart broken for all the families and friends dealing with losses in Orlando right now! Such a senseless tragedy and violence against the LGBTQ community. There is so much hate in this world it really makes me sad. Wifey and I have been discussing it a lot, praying for all the families since we heard about it. Our hearts break for everyone who has lost a family member, partner, wife, husband or friend in this attack. The list of the victims was released this morning by police. So many young lives lost.

I watched an interview with a Mom who got a text from her son who was killed in the women’s bathroom. The first text he sent her was I love you Mommy, and then begged her to call the police.

There are no guarantees in life. I almost died from a blood clot last year, my sister did die in a car accident. You never know walking out your front door if you will return. I say this all the time that it’s really important to tell people how much they mean to you, how important they are to you. I really feel it’s important to live life. There really does need to be more love in this world because there sure is a lot of hate. I was looking at a map of the United States and the recent mass shootings and it made me sick to my stomach. There is so much hate in this world.

I see the tweets and the comments from our leaders and even some of those are filled with hate. Anywhere you turn you still see it. You can still feel it. It just makes me sad to see how much hate there is in our world. We need so much MORE LOVE!

Delicate Balance

I want to be social, but my body wants to stay home. I want to go hang out with my friends, but my pain levels are too high. I want to go to the movies, but I know I’ll fall asleep. I want to go out to lunch, but by the time I get ready I am too exhausted. Those are all comments I hear frequently from chronic pain sufferers. There is this balance between what you want to do and what your body will allow you to do. Taking a shower is exhausting for many, and then you have to get dressed and by the time you’ve done that you still have to eat! Often just the normal morning routine makes you want to take a nap!

When I was having issues with my heart rate taking a shower would push my heart rate into exercise levels, so by the time I took my short short shower I was completely exhausted and ready for a nap! However I had to get dressed and getting dressed is its own can of worms. I never knew what. a pain getting dressed could be until I had spinal issues.

Here is an experiment for you try to get dressed without bending, twisting and without placing your hands behind your hips. Any time your arms/hands go behind your hips you twist your spine, now try to get dressed…pain right? When everything first happened it took me FOREVER to get dressed. I had to do everything very slowly, and calculated to make sure I was reminding myself not to bend and not to twist. I would get something almost on and then I would drop it and have to start over, that was “fun”! There were times I just cried out of frustration.

Now I can get dressed in a more normal amount of time, Mom says I still take longer than I used to, which I’m sure is true. I am better because I have learned how to put everything on, which order is most time efficient, etc. There are still times that I get out of the shower and think can I nap now? Can I just go back to bed? The temperature in the shower has to be just right or else that becomes an issue for me. Here again there is a delicate balance in things I would have never thought about before I hurt myself.

Life is good even if it is a constant balancing act. I just have to remember that slow and steady wins the race and to watch which direction my feet are pointed in!

Sleep perhaps to SLEEP!!!!

So normal people go to bed and ACTUALLY SLEEP, I go to bed and if I’m lucky I sleep. Last night was one of the worse nights! I fell asleep okay, I was pretty tired to start out so that was a good sign. Recently I’ve been battling insomnia so I haven’t been falling asleep until 1am-2am and then my body wakes up around 6am which is NOT enough sleep! So last night I was tired at 9pm and I was like I am not fighting this, I am going to bed! So I go to bed, I tossed and turned a bit until I found that semi-comfy spot that I actually could fall asleep in. I woke up several times during the night to re-adjust which is pretty par for the course. At 4:30am I got a bad leg cramp and so I flipped over…this is very key point so remember that I normally sleep on my right side but because of the very painful leg cramp I am now sleeping on my left side…at 5am I JOLT AWAKE when I nearly come CRASHING OUT OF THE BED!

See I always sleep on the right side so when I roll over on my back no big deal, but key piece of information I sleep on the edge of the bed, always have, so when I was sleeping on the left side and went to roll on my back there was AIR! Scared me to death! Guess I should be glad it didn’t scare other things out of me otherwise I would be cleaning the bed and floor up…

So I decided that 5am was a good time to wake up and start my day, I am sure I will take a nap later in the middle of the bed so I won’t have to worry about rolling over onto AIR. This is why I only ever sleep on one side makes things easier never have to worry about falling out of bed. I am a klutz! Go into the ER how did you break your arm? I fell out of bed at 5am. No how did you break your arm? I fell out of bed at 5am, like seriously, I am that klutzy!

The night before I woke up in the middle of the night after having a dream we were trying on Mardi Gras masks with my CPAP mask in my hand. I guess I decided to take it off in real life. I put it back on and went back to sleep. Wifey thought that was pretty funny, I however did not find it as funny as she did. I’m not saying I didn’t find it funny, just not as funny as she did.


High Blood Pressure

According to the American Heart Association 80 million U.S. adults have been diagnosed with high blood pressure…that’s a lot of people who have high blood pressure! I am one of those adults. I have dealt with the issue for a long time, I am very familiar with taking my blood pressure at home, I have an app on my phone to chart my blood pressure. I print out the readings to give to my doctor for review when I see him. It is helpful for him because I have white coat syndrome so my blood pressure is always a bit higher in his office than it is when I take it at home, so when he has a month’s worth of readings to look at he can note changes/patterns verses a single reading here and there.

So when I had my very massive DVT and it went through my heart and plopped itself in both sides of my lungs to form my saddle pulmonary embolism, it enlarged the right side of my heart. Once that happened we started to notice that my blood pressure readings have been a lot better. So either the blood thinners are doing it, or the blood clot did it or both! Time will tell if my blood pressure stays this good! I’m just enjoying that my blood pressure readings are actually normal people’s readings for a change. Like I don’t have to hang my head in shame when the doctor checks I can be like hey doc look how good they are! I should get a gold star for these!!

Cardiac health is so important and I am really happy that my blood pressure has seemed to come back down to a normal level and my readings are a lot better than they have been. I have to take my wins where I can get them!