Helpful pets….

So it’s been raining which means I think every joint in my body HURTS! I have snap, crackled and popped more than a bowl of cereal with freshly poured milk. So I have been trying to take it easy for the most part. There is a fine line when I hurt this much because I don’t want to just sit on the couch because that just causes everything to lock up, but I don’t want to move too much because that just inflames already aggravated joints. So I have to move and try to gently stretch everything, without going overboard.

Animals as we know can sense when we are in pain, which I feel bad for our cat and rabbit because I’m always in pain so they pretty much get a daily report “Human in pain!” However they have decided to try and be helpful by feeding themselves… You see the other day we bought the cat a new 11lb bag of grain free cat food because she is a princess (shhh don’t tell her that!) and she has a super sensitive stomach and she only eats ONE BRAND OF FOOD, so it was on sale so we bought the BIG bag of food. We have 2 plastic cereal containers (okay that’s what most people put in them, we put cat food in them) that we dump the food into because that way it’s not too heavy for me to manage. Well Creme being the loving, caring, gluttonous cat that she is….tried to eat her way INTO the bag….oh yeah! She had food in her bowl, but you know the stuff IN the bag OBVIOUSLY tastes BETTER than the stuff that is readily available to her! I mean who doesn’t like a good CHALLENGE!

*Insert eye roll* So I am sitting on my computer, wifey has already gone to bed and I hear this strange, but somewhat familiar noise (yes ladies and gentlemen she has done this before). So I look to my left at her chair- it’s only her chair because it’s COVERED in cat hair and no sane human would sit in it now. No Creme, I look over by the garage door and she’s not there, and then I realize what the sound is that I am hearing and I look towards the food bag, there is my beautiful cat gnawing at the bag trying to gain access! So I yell at her, secretly hoping I can wake up the wife to make her dump the food so I don’t have to mess with it, no such luck! So I pull the bag, the two containers and dump it much to the disappointed of my OBVIOUSLY STARVING cat (to which I want to remind you she HAS FOOD IN HER BOWL).

So if this isn’t BAD ENOUGH, there was a bag of hay sitting on a stool near Otis’ cage. For those of you who need to be reminded Otis’ is the rabbit who lives in our living room. Yes we let him live in the living room so he feels part of the family! He decides that if the cat can help herself to cat food he should see if he can climb OUT OF THE CAGE and get the hay! What a BRILLIANT IDEA! So he is able to climb high enough (the top of the cage is off because normally this is NOT a problem…..) to pull the bag INTO the cage! He starts nibbling at the packaging to get the hay and helping HIMSELF! Luckily for him the plastic bag for his hay is a LOT thinner than the packaging on the cat food so he destroyed the plastic bag in no time.

Ahhh helpful animals. How my life would be incomplete without you…just next time can you please eat what you have verses helping yourself? *Yes he had food AND hay in his cage as well, but obviously that makes no difference when you can help yourself!*

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