Rockette in training…

So I am having BAD leg spasms tonight and I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT!!! God is training me to be a ROCKETTE! I am tall enough to be a Rockette. I need to lose weight, but we’re working on that, so all these leg spasms are just training my legs to kick REALLY FAST AND HIGH!

Now forget that I can’t stand for any length of time, I can’t sit for long periods of time, I have a laundry list of medical problems, etc. This is OBVIOUSLY THE ANSWER! Maybe I was a Rockette in a previous life! Maybe my legs are finally tired of living the boring life of chronic illness and they want to let their true passion SHINE! OKAY OKAY I can hear the laughter from here!

Tonight is painful, aggravating and I just needed a laugh, so I’m laughing, are you? I hope so! I had a long day, good day, but long day and now my leg is spasming, just the right one, the left seems to be it’s kicking when I am in certain positions which is OH SO MUCH FUN!!! At least sitting with the laptop in my lap doesn’t seem to bother it… *fingers crossed*

I sometimes think about what I could be doing right now if I had better health and the list really is endless usually it is in the education field somewhere working with children, but every once in awhile I get some crazy idea about being a Rockette or a Stand Up Comedian or some other job. There are lots of fun jobs out there healthy people can pick whatever they choose!

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