CPAP Backtalk?

So over the years as technology has improved so have CPAP machines. When I first went on CPAP the machine was pretty basic, apparently the information could be uploaded but they had to attach it to a telephone wire and it was a huge pain and unless the doctor really wanted it… NOW the information is put on a SD card and the report is really detailed. So if the doctor needs the report you pull the SD card out, take it to the company that supplies your machine they print it off and there you go!

So I haven’t been sleeping well and I can check in the morning the average number have apneas I had the night before and the goal is ZERO. So on the number I am on we got it down to zero and before usually when I checked I was at zero, 0.1, or 0.2 which was good. I was sleeping 7.5 hours-8 hours a night life was golden….NOW I am somewhere between zero and 1.0 which is NOT GOOD, and I am sleeping anywhere between 6 and 7.5 hours. So yeah.. doctor wants the report to see if he can figure out what is going on.

Possibility is that my pain is just too high and that is causing me not to sleep well because I’m broken and between the knees, back and neck I just can’t get into a good sleeping position. The other possibility is that I need the settings on my machine adjusted again due to my weight loss. So weight plays a role in your settings I was at one setting, then I gained weight and I needed a different setting. Well now I’ve lost 100lbs so it’s possible that I need my settings adjusted again. So we’ll see what the report says.

Of course with surgery being so close nothing is going to be done until after surgery and I am recovered a bit. So we might be doing another sleep study after I am healed from that. We just are going to wait and see. I love being the patient everyone scratches their head over.

I have worked really hard to create good sleep habits for myself because of my sleep issues and I wear my cpap every night because I know overall I feel better when its on verses when its off, and hopefully we can get this figured out!

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