You must eat broccoli!

I’m the kid who gets excited to eat broccoli! So things are finally settling down after surgery, I’m starting to fall back into my normal routines. My neck still itches a bit from the allergic reaction but not NEARLY as much as when the skin peeled. So I went for my 2nd INR check and my INR was TOO HIGH! So I was told to eat 1 serving of a high vitamin K food to help bring it back down, so I had steamed broccoli with my lunch and it was FANTASTIC! You forget how yummy it tastes when you haven’t been able to eat it for awhile!

So with the blood thinners vitamin K is the antidote so when I went out of range on the top they had me use the natural antidote to help bring it back down and then I go back next week to have another check to make sure that things still look good. We also adjusted my dosing schedule as well since it rose so quickly and we want to make sure that I am in my dosing levels. So this is what I have not particularly liked about being on blood thinners is the blood checks and the diet restrictions! So we’ll see how this week goes, I’m hoping that the one serving did it and we’re back where we’re supposed to be.

I’ve been really tired and not had the time to take the proper naps this week! I’ve had a lot of appointments for check ups and trying to get things looked at to make sure I am healing properly. There is also that fine line between making sure I am up and active so that I don’t get a blood clot and resting and healing post surgery. The struggle is very real! I have been trying very hard to be up and moving around as much as possible, but also listening to my body and not over doing it because I am healing and I need to rest too but it’s hard because I do feel like I’m being pulled in opposite directions.

I did get the all clear to start physical therapy again and I am back on the schedule soon. I am looking forward to being back and getting back in shape with that. I no longer have to wear my neck brace 24/7 so that is a huge plus as well. I am enjoying the freedom to carefully move my head around again.

My neck does not click the way it did before surgery so I see that as a positive, but when my neck gets tired I am still putting the brace back on for support. I like the freedom of choice of wearing it. I like having it when I need it, but not having to wear it all the time like before. Life is good and we are moving in the right direction again!

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