Monthly Archives: January 2017

Moving while disabled…

So moving while disabled is hard. I couldn’t move things, I could only pack certain items. I felt useless. We ended up paying someone to take out the big items we were getting rid of because it was just easier. It was an expensive way of doing it but we had limited time and not enough help.

I am glad to be in one place again. Trying to live between houses is so frustrating, you want something and it is ALWAYS in the other location. Now is the even more fun part of UNPACKING which is just as much fun. I can’t do much unpacking because I can’t bend or lift so I can only do so much unpacking.

So I have been doing what I can when I can. I know my wife understands, but I put a lot of pressure on myself. I think its because in the back of my head I still think of all the things I could do BEFORE. I think of how easy this would have been before the injury. I hate that I cannot do as much now as I could have THEN. I have to be gentle with myself but I don’t want to be, I want to push myself and I shouldn’t. I need to slow down and just been patient. I need to give myself a pass sometimes.movingbites